We completed our Hajj in 2018 and where 2 of the 27,000 or so hajjis that travel to Makkah to do the Hajj. We like the majority of British Hajjis, did not know where to start, What to buy, What to read, How to plan, which website to visit or which tour operator to use. A great many questions to left unanswered before we embarked on our journey of a lifetime. The best advise we could muster emerged from sporadic and rushed attempt to glean as much information as possible within a short space of time through watching YouTube videos, certain Hajj rites literature and of course Hajj seminars in local mosques. However we continued to our best plan to our journey using the little accurate information we could find and then we said “Bismillah” and put our trust in Allah.

After completing our Hajj, we recognized that indeed there was a massive need for correct information and practical guidance at our finger prints.Rather than utilize time consuming approach of searching and surfing the internet to glean relevant information that would help plan our journey. We need a website  which was capable of providing an A to Z of the Hajj, a one-stop comprehensive guide to one of the pillars of Islam. We wanted make the experience of Hajj preparation and performance for brothers and sister, an easy, less onerous and efficient process from start to finish. InshAllah our visitors would not need to waste time in researching hundreds of Hajj websites to glean the most basic information such as where do i buy unscented, non-alcoholic soap or sun cream.

We believe that every brother and sister thinking about doing the Hajj or Umrah should be supplied with high quality information and guidance to be able to fulfill their obligation in the most resourceful way.Therefore we have been striving to create the most comprehensive practical guide to help you get the most out of this blessed journey of a lifetime.

We endeavor to cover every aspect of the Hajj and Umrah from start to finish.The name A2ZHajj will be your one-stopHajj website, hoping to cater for all your requirements from your front door to the Ka’aba Shareef. We specialize in offering our visitors an in depth insight of what to expect before, during and after the Hajj.

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